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2010 Florida Statutes

Trade standards for operation at public fairs and expositions.
F.S. 616.241

Trade standards for operation at public fairs and expositions.

Trade standards for the operation of shows or games in connection with public fairs and expositions are as follows:


APPROVAL OF SHOWS.The approval of all shows will be left to the discretion of the fair management.


WALK-THROUGH SHOW.When donations are accepted, a sign to that effect shall be plainly posted at the entrance to the show.


SPECIFICATIONS FOR TICKET OR CHANGE BOOTH.The counter of the ticket or change booth patronized by children may not be more than 4 feet above the ground.


PROTECTION TO FAIR PATRONS.In order to provide adequate protection to fair patrons, for any motor dome show or any other similar show, in which equipment is used as a ballyhoo or for any other purpose, there shall be a barrier, guardrail, or chain of sufficient strength or height to prevent any equipment out of control from leaving the platform.


GAME REGULATIONS.The operator of a game at any public fair or exposition, before and during operation, must have and keep in a conspicuous place a sign stating the cost of a play and an explanation of how the game is played. The lettering on signs shall be plain and may not be less than 2 inches in height. Signs or placards shall be of permanent material so they can be used from one fair to the next. The game shall be closed until compliance with the regulation is provided.


CAPITAL PRIZE.Prizes shall be left to the discretion of the fair management; however, a capital prize must be given. No operator is permitted to display merchandise of any type which is not one of the prizes possible to be won. Each prize shall be so marked that any player may know in advance what is required to win any one of the prizes displayed. No flash display is permitted.


OPERATORS OF GAMES REGULATED.The operator of a game must work inside of the concession at all times except in a concession for which the operator has secured permission from the management to work on the outside, not over 4 feet from the barrier and only in front of the operator’s own game.


FALSE ADVERTISING.False advertising by banner or word-of-mouth or otherwise is prohibited.


VIOLATIONS; REPORTING.Florida law forbids lotteries, gambling, raffles, and other games of chance at community, county, district, state, regional, or interstate fairs and specialized shows. Enforcement is the responsibility of local boards and authorities.


PARTICULAR GAMES.The department shall prescribe by rule the particular games which may be exhibited at a public fair or exposition. Such rules shall include the operating standards and procedures to be used for all authorized games.


CONCESSIONAIRES GENERALLY.All concessionaires are prohibited from exhibiting at any public fair or exposition any game which has not been authorized by rule of the department.


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Former s. 616.091.