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2010 Florida Statutes

Duties of authority; Florida State Fairgrounds.
F.S. 616.255

Duties of authority; Florida State Fairgrounds.

The authority shall:


Designate a suitable location in Hillsborough County as the Florida State Fairgrounds.


Throughout each year, promote the progress of the state and stimulate public interest in the advantages and development of the state by providing facilities for agricultural and industrial exhibitions, public gatherings, cultural activities, and other functions intended to advance the educational, physical, economic, and cultural interests of the public. It is the intent of the Legislature that the authority, when contracting for concessions at functions held pursuant to this subsection, give consideration to increasing the number of concessionaires that are minority businesses.


Hold an annual fair on the Florida State Fairgrounds for the exhibition of agricultural, industrial, mechanical, horticultural, dairy, forestry, poultry, livestock, mineral, cultural, and all other interests of the state, and establish rules of exhibition and operation for the fair. The fair shall be subject to the requirements of ss. 616.15 and 616.17.


Erect and repair buildings on the Florida State Fairgrounds, make any and all necessary or proper improvements, and generally carry on a program of development and extension of facilities designed to accomplish the objectives set forth in this section.


Develop and implement a master plan to remedy the infrastructure deficiencies on and surrounding the fairgrounds. The deficiencies shall include, but are not limited to, stormwater and drainage, internal and external traffic including parking and construction. The development of the plan shall include input from Hillsborough County.


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