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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 618.05

Amendment of articles of incorporation.

The articles of incorporation may be altered or amended at any regular meeting or any special meeting called for the purpose. An amendment must first be approved by two-thirds of the directors and then adopted by a vote representing a majority of a quorum of the members attending a meeting of which notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given. Thereupon the association shall make under its corporate seal and the hands of its president or vice president and secretary or assistant secretary, a certificate accordingly, and the president or vice president shall duly execute and acknowledge such certificate before an officer authorized by law to take and certify acknowledgments of deeds, and such certificate so executed and acknowledged shall be filed with the Department of State; and upon so filing the same, the articles of incorporation of such association shall be deemed to be amended accordingly; provided, however, a fee of only $15 shall be required therefor by the Department of State.


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