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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 618.08

Corporations may mortgage farm supplies.

A mortgage, executed by a cooperative association, may cover its stock of farm supplies, changing in specifics, which stock mortgagor is permitted to retain in its possession and sell in the usual course of business. The lien of such mortgage shall be lost on all farm supplies sold up to the time of foreclosure, and shall attach to the farm supplies acquired to replenish the stock. No such mortgage shall be invalid as to creditors of the mortgagor because the mortgagor is permitted to retain possession and sell such mortgaged property in the usual course of business; provided, the mortgagor replenishes such property from the proceeds of sale or applies such proceeds in payment of the mortgage debt. In all other respects the laws relating to chattel mortgages shall be applicable to such mortgages.


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