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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 636.049

Administrative penalty in lieu of suspension or revocation.

In lieu of suspending or revoking a certificate of authority, or when no penalty is specifically provided, whenever any prepaid limited health service organization or other person, corporation, partnership, or entity subject to this act has been found to have violated any provision of this act, the office or department, within its respective regulatory jurisdiction, may:


Issue and cause to be served upon the organization, person, or entity charged with the violation a copy of such findings and an order requiring such organization, person, or entity to cease and desist from engaging in the act or practice which constitutes the violation.


Impose a monetary penalty of not less than $100 for each violation, but not to exceed an aggregate penalty of $100,000.


s. 40, ch. 93-148; s. 1543, ch. 2003-261.