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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

Counterfeit bills and counterfeiters’ tools to be seized.
F.S. 831.20

Counterfeit bills and counterfeiters’ tools to be seized.

When false, forged or counterfeit bank bills or notes, or plates, dies or other tools, instruments or implements used by counterfeiters, designed for the forging or making of false or counterfeit notes, coin or bills, or worthless and uncurrent bank bills or notes described in this chapter shall come to the knowledge of any sheriff, police officer or other officer of justice in this state, such officer shall immediately seize and take possession of and deliver the same into the custody of the court having jurisdiction of the offense of counterfeiting in the county, and the court shall, as soon as the ends of justice will permit, cause the same to be destroyed by an officer of the court who shall make return to the court of his or her doings in the premises.


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