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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 943.2563

Advisory board organization; center oversight.


Each advisory board shall elect a chair from among its members. Other offices may be created as each board finds necessary or appropriate, and any such offices shall be filled by election from the membership of the board.


Each advisory board shall meet at least once during each calendar quarter, at such other times as the board may determine, and at any time upon the call of the chair. Each board shall recommend the adoption of rules for the transaction of its business. Based upon such recommendation, the center shall adopt procedural and substantive rules for its operation.


A quorum of each advisory board shall consist of a simple majority, and no official action of the board other than declaring a recess or rescheduling a meeting may be taken unless a quorum is present. A majority vote of the members present and voting is necessary for an advisory board to act on any matter.


Each center shall submit to its advisory board for approval the following:


Criteria for testing, examination, and background investigation for criminal justice personnel.


The amounts of any applicant fees charged.


The amounts of any user fees charged.


The annual budget for the center, including any fixed capital expenditures.


The number, types, and salaries of employees employed by the center.


Any other criteria or requirements for proper administration of the center.


s. 4, ch. 91-205; s. 1639, ch. 97-102.