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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

Centralized information centers on prospective employment candidates.
F.S. 943.2565

Centralized information centers on prospective employment candidates.


Each center shall develop, establish, and maintain a centralized information center on prospective candidates for criminal justice positions in the region served. Each center shall provide and undertake standardized screening, testing, examination, and background investigation of applicants.


Upon the request of any participating criminal justice agency in the region served, the center shall provide a list of qualified applicants for employment and report all information gathered during the testing, screening, and investigation of each applicant.


Each center may make recommendations concerning uniform standards for the recruitment and testing of criminal justice personnel.


Each center shall comply with local, state, and federal regulations for the hiring and promotion of minorities and women.


Each center may enter into contracts and agreements to carry out its purposes. Any such contracts require approval by the advisory board and the directing school or directing agency.


Those centers operating under a directing school shall not generate full-time equivalent students for the directing school as a part of the directing school’s enrollment. Classes which are part of the regular program of the college to train law enforcement and correctional officers are not affected by this prohibition.


s. 6, ch. 91-205.