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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

Leadership Board for Applied Research and Public Service.
F.S. 1004.58

Leadership Board for Applied Research and Public Service.


There is created the Leadership Board for Applied Research and Public Service to be staffed by the Institute of Science and Public Affairs at Florida State University. The purpose of the board is to focus, coordinate, and maximize university resources on current issues and events affecting Florida’s residents and elected officials. Emphasis shall be placed on being responsive to and providing accurate, timely, useful, and relevant information to decisionmakers in state and local governments. The board shall set forth a process to provide comprehensive guidance and advice for improving the types and quality of services to be delivered by the state universities. Specifically, the board shall better identify and define the missions and roles of existing institutes and centers at each state university, work to eliminate duplication and confusion over conflicting roles and missions, involve more students in learning with applied research and public service activities, and be organizationally separate from academic departments. The board shall meet at least quarterly. The board may create internal management councils that may include working institute and center directors. The board is responsible for, but is not limited to:


Providing strategic direction, planning, and accompanying decisions that support a coordinated applied public service and research approach in the state.


Addressing state university policy matters and making recommendations to the Board of Governors as they relate to applied public service and research.


Serving as a clearinghouse for services requested by public officials.


Providing support for funding and fiscal initiatives involving applied public service and research.


Membership of the board shall be:


The Chancellor of the State University System, or the chancellor’s designee, who shall serve as chair.


The director of the Office of Planning and Budgeting of the Executive Office of the Governor.


The secretary of the Department of Management Services.


The director of Economic and Demographic Research.


The director of the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability.


The President of the Florida League of Cities.


The President for the Florida Association of Counties.


The President of the Florida School Board Association.


Five additional university president members, designated by the chancellor, to rotate annually.


The board shall prepare a report for the Board of Governors to be submitted to the Governor and the Legislature by January 1 of each year which summarizes the work and recommendations of the board in meeting its purpose and mission.


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