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2010 Florida Statutes

Technology transfer centers at community colleges.
F.S. 1004.78

Technology transfer centers at 1community colleges.


Each 1community college may establish a technology transfer center for the purpose of providing institutional support to local business and industry and governmental agencies in the application of new research in technology. The primary responsibilities of such centers may include: identifying technology research developed by universities, research institutions, businesses, industries, the United States Armed Forces, and other state or federal governmental agencies; determining and demonstrating the application of technologies; training workers to integrate advanced equipment and production processes; and determining for business and industry the feasibility and efficiency of accommodating advanced technologies.


The 1community college board of trustees shall set such policies to regulate the activities of the technology transfer center as it may consider necessary to effectuate the purposes of this section and to administer the programs of the center in a manner which assures efficiency and effectiveness, producing the maximum benefit for the educational programs and maximum service to the state. To this end, materials that relate to methods of manufacture or production, potential trade secrets, potentially patentable material, actual trade secrets, business transactions, or proprietary information received, generated, ascertained, or discovered during the course of activities conducted within the 1community colleges shall be confidential and exempt from the provisions of s. 119.07(1), except that a 1community college shall make available upon request the title and description of a project, the name of the investigator, and the amount and source of funding provided for such project.


A technology transfer center created under the provisions of this section shall be under the supervision of the board of trustees of that 1community college, which is authorized to appoint a director; to employ full-time and part-time staff, research personnel, and professional services; to employ on a part-time basis personnel of the 1community college; and to employ temporary employees whose salaries are paid entirely from the permanent technology transfer fund or from that fund in combination with other nonstate sources, with such positions being exempt from the requirements of the Florida Statutes relating to salaries, except that no such appointment shall be made for a total period of longer than 1 year.


The board of trustees of the 1community college in which a technology transfer center is created, or its designee, may negotiate, enter into, and execute contracts; solicit and accept grants and donations; and fix and collect fees, other payments, and donations that may accrue by reason thereof for technology transfer activities. The board of trustees or its designee may negotiate, enter into, and execute contracts on a cost-reimbursement basis and may provide temporary financing of such costs prior to reimbursement from moneys on deposit in the technology transfer fund, except as may be prohibited elsewhere by law.


A technology transfer center shall be financed from the Academic Improvement Program or from moneys of a 1community college which are on deposit or received for use in the activities conducted in the center. Such moneys shall be deposited by the 1community college in a permanent technology transfer fund in a depository or depositories approved for the deposit of state funds and shall be accounted for and disbursed subject to audit by the Auditor General.


The fund balance in any existing research trust fund of a 1community college at the time a technology transfer center is created shall be transferred to a permanent technology transfer fund established for the 1community college, and thereafter the fund balance of the technology transfer fund at the end of any fiscal period may be used during any succeeding period pursuant to this section.


Moneys deposited in the permanent technology transfer fund of a 1community college shall be disbursed in accordance with the terms of the contract, grant, or donation under which they are received. Moneys received for overhead or indirect costs and other moneys not required for the payment of direct costs shall be applied to the cost of operating the technology transfer center.


All purchases of a technology transfer center shall be made in accordance with the policies and procedures of the 1community college.


The 1community college board of trustees may authorize the construction, alteration, or remodeling of buildings when the funds used are derived entirely from the technology transfer fund of a 1community college or from that fund in combination with other nonstate sources, provided that such construction, alteration, or remodeling is for use exclusively by the center. It also may authorize the acquisition of real property when the cost is entirely from said funds. Title to all real property shall vest in the board of trustees.


The State Board of Education may award grants to 1community colleges, or consortia of public and private colleges and universities and other public and private entities, for the purpose of supporting the objectives of this section. Grants awarded pursuant to this subsection shall be in accordance with rules of the State Board of Education. Such rules shall include the following provisions:


The number of centers established with state funds provided expressly for the purpose of technology transfer shall be limited, but shall be geographically located to maximize public access to center resources and services.


Grants to centers funded with state revenues appropriated specifically for technology transfer activities shall be reviewed and approved by the State Board of Education using proposal solicitation, evaluation, and selection procedures established by the state board in consultation with Enterprise Florida, Inc. Such procedures may include designation of specific areas or applications of technology as priorities for the receipt of funding.


Priority for the receipt of state funds appropriated specifically for the purpose of technology transfer shall be given to grant proposals developed jointly by 1community colleges and public and private colleges and universities.


Each technology transfer center established under the provisions of this section shall establish a technology transfer center advisory committee. Each committee shall include representatives of a university or universities conducting research in the area of specialty of the center. Other members shall be determined by the 1community college board of trustees.


s. 229, ch. 2002-387.


Section 21, ch. 2010-70, directs the Division of Statutory Revision to prepare a reviser’s bill to substitute the term “Florida College System institution” for the terms “Florida college,” “community college,” and “junior college” where those terms appear in the Florida K-20 Education Code.