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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 1004.80

Economic development centers.


1Community colleges may establish economic development centers for the purpose of serving as liaisons between 1community colleges and the business sector. The responsibilities of each center shall include:


Promoting the economic well-being of businesses and industries.


Coordinating, with chambers of commerce, government agencies, district school boards, and other organizations, efforts to provide educational programs which promote economic development, including, but not limited to, business incubators, industrial development and research parks, industry recruitment efforts, publication of business research and resource guides, and sponsorship of workshops, conferences, seminars, and consultation services.


The board of trustees of a 1community college in which an economic development center is created, or its designee, may negotiate, enter into, and execute contracts; solicit and accept grants and donations; and fix and collect fees, other payments, and donations that may accrue by reason of activities of the center and its staff.


Economic development centers shall operate under policies and procedures established by the 1community college board of trustees.


The State Board of Education may award grants to economic development centers for the purposes of this section. Grants awarded pursuant to this subsection shall be in accordance with rules established by the State Board of Education.


s. 231, ch. 2002-387.


Section 21, ch. 2010-70, directs the Division of Statutory Revision to prepare a reviser’s bill to substitute the term “Florida College System institution” for the terms “Florida college,” “community college,” and “junior college” where those terms appear in the Florida K-20 Education Code.