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2010 Florida Statutes

Public hearings; budget to be submitted to Department of Education.
F.S. 1011.03

Public hearings; budget to be submitted to Department of Education.


Each district school board must cause a summary of its tentative budget, including the proposed millage levies as provided for by law, to be posted online and advertised one time in a newspaper of general circulation published in the district or to be posted at the courthouse if there be no such newspaper.


The advertisement of a district that has been required by the Legislature to increase classroom expenditures pursuant to s. 1011.64 must include the following statement:

“This proposed budget reflects an increase in classroom expenditures as a percent of total current operating expenditures of XX percent over the (previous fiscal year) fiscal year. This increase in classroom expenditures is required by the Legislature because the district has performed below the required performance standard on XX of XX student performance standards for the (previous school year) school year. In order to achieve the legislatively required level of classroom expenditures as a percentage of total operating expenditures, the proposed budget includes an increase in overall classroom expenditures of $XX,XXX,XXX above the amount spent for this same purpose during the (previous fiscal year) fiscal year. In order to achieve improved student academic performance, this proposed increase is being budgeted for the following activities:   (list activities and amount budgeted)  .”


The advertisement shall appear adjacent to the advertisement required pursuant to s. 200.065. The State Board of Education may adopt rules necessary to provide specific requirements for the format of the advertisement.


The board shall hold public hearings to adopt tentative and final budgets pursuant to s. 200.065. The hearings shall be primarily for the purpose of hearing requests and complaints from the public regarding the budgets and the proposed tax levies and for explaining the budget and proposed or adopted amendments thereto, if any. The district school board shall then require the superintendent to transmit forthwith two copies of the adopted budget to the Department of Education for approval as prescribed by law and rules of the State Board of Education.


s. 606, ch. 2002-387; s. 24, ch. 2010-154.