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2010 Florida Statutes

Electronic filing of compensation reports and other information.
F.S. 11.0455

Electronic filing of compensation reports and other information.


As used in this section, the term “electronic filing system” means an Internet system for recording and reporting lobbying compensation and other required information by reporting period.


Each lobbying firm that is required to file reports with the Division of Legislative Information Services pursuant to s. 11.045 must file such reports with the division by means of the division’s electronic filing system.


A report filed pursuant to this section must be completed and filed through the electronic filing system not later than 11:59 p.m. of the day designated in s. 11.045. A report not filed by 11:59 p.m. of the day designated is a late-filed report and is subject to the penalties under s. 11.045(3).


Each report filed pursuant to this section is considered to meet the certification requirements of s. 11.045(3)(a)4., and as such subjects the person responsible for filing and the lobbying firm to the provisions of s. 11.045(7) and (8). Persons given a secure sign-on to the electronic filing system are responsible for protecting it from disclosure and are responsible for all filings using such credentials, unless they have notified the division that their credentials have been compromised.


The electronic filing system developed by the division must:


Be based on access by means of the Internet.


Be accessible by anyone with Internet access using standard web-browsing software.


Provide for direct entry of compensation report information as well as upload of such information from software authorized by the division.


Provide a method that prevents unauthorized access to electronic filing system functions.


Each house of the Legislature shall provide by rule, or may provide by a joint rule adopted by both houses, procedures to implement and administer this section, including, but not limited to:


Alternate filing procedures in case the division’s electronic filing system is not operable.


The issuance of an electronic receipt to the person submitting the report indicating and verifying the date and time that the report was filed.


Each house of the Legislature shall provide by rule that the division make all the data filed available on the Internet in an easily understood and accessible format. The Internet website shall also include, but not be limited to, the names and business addresses of lobbyists, lobbying firms, and principals, the affiliations between lobbyists and principals, and the classification system designated and identified by each principal pursuant to s. 11.045(2).


s. 3, ch. 2005-359.