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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

Application for license; terminal operators.
F.S. 206.022

Application for license; terminal operators.


It is unlawful for any terminal operator to operate within this state unless he or she is the holder of an unrevoked license issued by the department to engage in such business. To procure such license, a person shall file with the department an application under oath and in such form as the department may prescribe, setting forth:


The name under which the person will transact business within the state.


The location, with street number address, of his or her principal office or place of business within this state and the location where records will be made available for inspection.


The name and complete residence address of the owner or the names and addresses of the partners, if such person is a partnership, or of the principal officers, if such person is a corporation or association; and, if such person is a corporation organized under the laws of another state, territory, or country, he or she shall also file with the application a certified copy of the certificate or license issued by the Department of State showing that such corporation is authorized to transact business in the state.


The storage capacity of the facility.


Any other information which the department may deem necessary.


The application shall require a $30 license tax. Each license shall be renewed annually through application, including an annual $30 license tax.


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