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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 338.001

Florida Intrastate Highway System Plan.


The department shall plan and develop a proposed Florida Intrastate Highway System Plan which shall delineate a statewide system of limited access facilities and controlled access facilities. The plan shall provide a statewide transportation network that allows for high-speed and high-volume traffic movements within the state. The primary function of the system is to provide such traffic movements. Access to abutting land is subordinate to this function, and such access must be prohibited or highly regulated. The plan shall be consistent with the goals of the Florida Transportation Plan developed pursuant to s. 339.155.


This system shall consist of the following components of the State Highway System:


Interstate highways.


The Florida Turnpike System.


Interregional and intercity limited access facilities.


Existing interregional and intercity arterial highways previously upgraded or upgraded in the future to controlled access facility standards.


New limited access facilities necessary to complete a balanced statewide system.


The department shall adhere to the following policy guidelines in the development of the proposed plan:


Make capacity improvements to existing facilities where feasible to minimize costs and environmental impacts.


Identify appropriate arterial highways in major transportation corridors for inclusion in a program to bring these facilities up to controlled access facility standards.


Coordinate proposed system projects with appropriate limited access projects undertaken by expressway authorities and local governmental entities.


Maximize the use of limited access facility standards when constructing new arterial highways.


Identify appropriate new limited access highways for inclusion as a part of the Florida Turnpike System.


To the maximum extent feasible, ensure that proposed system projects are consistent with approved local government comprehensive plans of the local jurisdictions in which such facilities are to be located and with the transportation improvement program of any metropolitan planning organization in which such facilities are to be located.


Projects in the proposed plan are anticipated to be let to contract for construction within a time period of 20 years. The plan shall also identify when segments of the system will meet the standards and criteria developed pursuant to subsection (5).


The department shall establish the standards and criteria for the functional characteristics and design of facilities proposed as part of the Florida Intrastate Highway System.


For the purposes of developing the proposed plan, beginning in fiscal year 2003-2004 and for each fiscal year thereafter, the minimum amount allocated shall be based on the fiscal year 2003-2004 allocation of $450 million adjusted annually by the change in the Consumer Price Index for the prior fiscal year compared to the Consumer Price Index for fiscal year 2003-2004. No amounts from the funds dedicated to the Florida Intrastate Highway System shall be allocated to turnpike projects.


Any project to be constructed as part of the Florida Intrastate Highway System shall be included in the department’s adopted work program. Any Florida Intrastate Highway System projects that are added to or deleted from the previous adopted work program, or any modification to Florida Intrastate Highway System projects contained in the previous adopted work program, shall be specifically identified and submitted as a separate part of the tentative work program.


A status report on the Florida Intrastate Highway System Plan shall be annually submitted to the legislative transportation committees no later than 14 days after the regular legislative session convenes.


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