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2012 Florida Statutes

State, regional, and local stormwater management plans and programs.
F.S. 403.0891
403.0891 State, regional, and local stormwater management plans and programs.The department, the water management districts, and local governments shall have the responsibility for the development of mutually compatible stormwater management programs.
(1) The department shall include goals in the water resource implementation rule for the proper management of stormwater.
(2) Each water management district to which the state‚Äôs stormwater management program is delegated shall establish district and, where appropriate, watershed or drainage basin stormwater management goals which are consistent with the goals adopted by the state and with plans adopted pursuant to ss. 373.451-373.4595, the Surface Water Improvement and Management Act.
(3)(a) Each local government required by chapter 163 to submit a comprehensive plan, whose plan is submitted after July 1, 1992, and the others when updated after July 1, 1992, in the development of its stormwater management program described by elements within its comprehensive plan shall consider the water resource implementation rule, district stormwater management goals, plans approved pursuant to the Surface Water Improvement and Management Act, ss. 373.451-373.4595, and technical assistance information provided by the water management districts pursuant to s. 373.711.
(b) Local governments are encouraged to consult with the water management districts, the Department of Transportation, and the department before adopting or updating their local government comprehensive plan or public facilities report as required by s. 189.415, whichever is applicable.
(4) The department, in coordination and cooperation with water management districts and local governments, shall conduct a continuing review of the costs of stormwater management systems and the effect on water quality and quantity, and fish and wildlife values. The department, the water management districts, and local governments shall use the review for planning purposes and to establish priorities for watersheds and stormwater management systems which require better management and treatment of stormwater with emphasis on the costs and benefits of needed improvements to stormwater management systems to better meet needs for flood protection and protection of water quality, and fish and wildlife values.
(5) The results of the review shall be maintained by the department and the water management districts and shall be provided to appropriate local governments or other parties on request. The results also shall be used in the development of the goals developed pursuant to subsections (1) and (2).
(6) The department and the Department of Economic Opportunity, in cooperation with local governments in the coastal zone, shall develop a model stormwater management program that could be adopted by local governments. The model program shall contain dedicated funding options, including a stormwater utility fee system based upon an equitable unit cost approach. Funding options shall be designed to generate capital to retrofit existing stormwater management systems, build new treatment systems, operate facilities, and maintain and service debt.
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