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2012 Florida Statutes

Temporary cash assistance; payment on death.
F.S. 414.27
414.27 Temporary cash assistance; payment on death.
(1) Upon the death of any person receiving temporary cash assistance through the Department of Children and Family Services, all temporary cash accrued to such person from the date of last payment to the date of death shall be paid to the person who shall have been designated by her or him on a form prescribed by the department and filed with the department during the lifetime of the person making such designation. If no designation is made, or the person so designated is no longer living or cannot be found, then payment shall be made to such person as may be designated by the circuit judge of the county where the recipient of temporary cash assistance resided. Designation by the circuit judge may be made on a form provided by the department or by letter or memorandum to the Chief Financial Officer. No filing or recording of the designation shall be required, and the circuit judge shall receive no compensation for such service. If a warrant has not been issued and forwarded prior to notice by the department of the recipient’s death, upon notice thereof, the department shall promptly requisition the Chief Financial Officer to issue a warrant in the amount of the accrued temporary cash assistance payable to the person designated to receive it and shall attach to the requisition the original designation of the deceased recipient, or if none, the designation made by the circuit judge, as well as a notice of death. The Chief Financial Officer shall issue a warrant in the amount payable.
(2) If a warrant has been issued and not cashed by the recipient payee prior to her or his death, such warrant shall be promptly returned to the department, together with notice of the death of the recipient. The original warrant shall be endorsed on the back by an authorized employee of the department. The endorsement must be on a form prescribed by the department and approved by the Chief Financial Officer which must contain the name of the deceased recipient, a statement of the recipient’s death, and the date thereof and state that it is payable to the order of the designated beneficiary, without recourse. The form shall be signed by the authorized employee or employees of the department, and thereupon such warrant shall be payable to the designated beneficiary as fully and completely as if made payable to her or him when issued. The department shall furnish to the Chief Financial Officer each month a list of such deceased recipients, the designated beneficiaries or persons to whom such warrants are endorsed, and a description of such warrants as herein provided. The department shall cause all persons receiving temporary cash assistance to make the designations as soon as conveniently may be, and shall preserve such designations in a safe place for use.
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Note.Former s. 409.315.