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2012 Florida Statutes

F.S. 514.031
514.031 Permit necessary to operate public swimming pool.
(1) It is unlawful for any person or public body to operate or continue to operate any public swimming pool without a valid permit from the department, such permit to be obtained in the following manner:
(a) Any person or public body desiring to operate any public swimming pool shall file an application for a permit with the department, on application forms provided by the department, and shall accompany such application with:
1. Description of the source or sources of water supply, and the amount and quality of water available and intended to be used.
2. Method and manner of water purification, treatment, disinfection, and heating.
3. Safety equipment and standards to be used.
4. Any other pertinent information deemed necessary by the department.
(b) If the department determines that the public swimming pool is or may reasonably be expected to be operated in compliance with this chapter and the rules adopted hereunder, the department shall grant the application for permit.
(c) If the department determines that the public swimming pool does not meet the provisions outlined in this chapter or the rules adopted hereunder, the department shall deny the application for a permit pursuant to the provisions of chapter 120. Such denial shall be in writing and shall list the circumstances for the denial. Upon correction of such circumstances, an applicant previously denied permission to operate a public swimming pool or bathing place may reapply for a permit.
(2) Operating permits shall not be required for coastal or intracoastal beaches.
(3) Operating permits may be transferred from one name or owner to another. When the ownership or name of an existing public swimming pool is changed and such establishment is operating at the time of the change with a valid permit from the department, the new owner of the establishment shall apply to the department, upon forms provided by the department, within 30 days after such a change.
(4) Each such operating permit shall be renewed annually and the permit must be posted in a conspicuous place.
(5) An owner or operator of a public swimming pool, including, but not limited to, a spa, wading, or special purpose pool, to which admittance is obtained by membership for a fee shall post in a prominent location within the facility the most recent pool inspection report issued by the department pertaining to the health and safety conditions of such facility. The report shall be legible and readily accessible to members or potential members. The department shall adopt rules to enforce this subsection. A portable pool may not be used as a public pool.
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