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The Florida Senate

2012 Florida Statutes

F.S. 163.516
163.516 Safe neighborhood improvement plans.
(1) A safe neighborhood improvement plan is mandated for all neighborhood improvement districts. The plan shall contain at least the following elements:
(a) Demographics of the district.
(b) Crime activity data and analysis.
(c) Land use, zoning, housing, and traffic analysis.
(d) Determination of the problems of the crime-to-environment relationship and the stability of the neighborhood improvement district.
(e) Statement of the district’s goal and objectives.
(f) Assessment of crime prevention through community policing innovations, environmental design, environmental security, and defensible space strategies and tactics that will be applied to the crime-to-environment relationship problems.
(g) Cost estimates and the methods of financing.
(h) Outline of program participants and their functions and responsibilities.
(i) Schedule for executing program activities.
(j) Evaluation guidelines.
(2) Every safe neighborhood improvement plan shall show, by diagram and by general explanation:
(a) Such property as is intended for use as public parks, recreation areas, streets, public utilities, and public improvements of any nature.
(b) Specific identification of any publicly funded capital improvement projects to be undertaken within the district.
(c) Adequate assurances that the improvements will be carried out pursuant to the plan.
(d) Provision for the retention of controls and the establishment of any restrictions or covenants running with land sold or leased for private use for such periods of time and under such conditions as the governing body of the municipality in which the district is located, or the county if the district is located in the unincorporated portion of the county, deems necessary to effectuate the purposes of this part.
(e) Projected costs of improvements, including the amount to be expended on publicly funded capital improvement projects in the district and any indebtedness of the district, the county, or the municipality proposed to be incurred if such indebtedness is to be repaid with district revenues.
(f) Promotion of advertising programs to be undertaken by the district or in conjunction with businesses in the district.
(g) Suggested physical improvements necessary for the safety of residents in or visitors to the district.
(h) Law enforcement and security plans for the district.
(3) The safe neighborhood improvement plan shall:
(a) Be consistent with the adopted comprehensive plan for the county or municipality pursuant to the Community Planning Act. No district plan shall be implemented unless the local governing body has determined said plan is consistent.
(b) Be sufficiently complete to indicate such land acquisition, demolition and removal of structures, street modifications, redevelopment, and rehabilitation as may be proposed to be carried out in the district.
(c) Provide some method for and measurement of the reduction of crime within the district.
(4) The county, municipality, or district may prepare or cause to be prepared a safe neighborhood improvement plan, or any person or agency, public or private, may submit such a plan to a district. Prior to its consideration of a safe neighborhood improvement plan, the district shall submit such plan to the local governing body for review and written approval as to its consistency with the local government comprehensive plan. The district must be notified of approval or disapproval within 60 days after receipt of the plan for review, and a revised version of the plan may be submitted to satisfy any inconsistencies. The district may not proceed with the safe neighborhood improvement plan until final approval is given by the local governing body.
(5) Prior to adoption of the safe neighborhood improvement plan, the board shall hold a public hearing on the plan after public notice thereof by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the county or municipality in which the district is located. The notice shall describe the time, date, place, and purpose of the hearing; identify the boundaries of the district; and outline the general scope of the plan.
(6) The board, after the public hearing, may approve the safe neighborhood improvement plan if it finds:
(a) The plan has been approved as consistent with the local comprehensive plan by the local governing body; and
(b) The plan will improve the promotion, appearance, safety, security, and public amenities of the neighborhood improvement district as stipulated in s. 163.502.
(7) If, at any time after approval of the safe neighborhood improvement plan, it becomes desirable to amend or modify the plan, the board may do so. Prior to any such amendment or modification, the board shall obtain written approval of the local governing body concerning conformity to the local government comprehensive plan and hold a public hearing on the proposed amendment or modification after public notice thereof by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the county or municipality in which the district is located. The notice shall describe the time, place, and purpose of the hearing and generally describe the proposed amendment or modification.
(8) Pursuant to s. 163.3184, the governing body of a municipality or county shall hold two public hearings to consider the board-adopted safe neighborhood improvement plan as an amendment or modification to the municipality’s or county’s adopted local comprehensive plan.
(9) A safe neighborhood improvement plan for each district shall be prepared and adopted by the municipality or county prior to the levy and expenditure of any of the proceeds of any tax assessment or fee authorized to such districts other than for the preparation of the safe community or business improvement plan.
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