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2012 Florida Statutes

F.S. 627.677
627.677 Definitions.As used in this part, the term:
(1) “Credit life insurance” means insurance on the life of a debtor pursuant to or in connection with a specific loan or other credit transaction. There are three recognized forms:
(a) “Group credit life insurance” means insurance which is subject to the provisions of s. 627.553.
(b) “Franchise credit life insurance” means insurance by which a master policy is issued to and in favor of a creditor and under which debtors are insured at the option of the creditor.
(c) “Individual credit life insurance” means individual insurance upon the life of an individual debtor in favor of a creditor.
(2) “Credit disability insurance” means insurance under which a borrower of money or a purchaser or a lessee of goods is insured in connection with a specific loan or credit transaction against loss of time resulting from accident or sickness.
(3) “Creditor agent” means any lending or financing institution or other creditor, or a representative of such an institution or creditor, which writes credit life or disability insurance on the life or health of a debtor.
(4) “Consolidation” means any transaction in which a financial institution or servicer makes its premium collection services available to its debtors in connection with a particular insurer’s (“new insurer”) offer of credit insurance, which offer is made to debtors who, immediately prior to the offer, had credit insurance with another insurer (“old insurer”) and were paying premiums for that insurance on a monthly or other regular basis.
(5) “Financial institution” or “servicer” means any entity or organization that services loans or credit obligations by collecting and accounting for payments.
(6) “Loan transfer” means a transaction in which the servicing of a block of loans or credit obligations is transferred from one servicer to another.
(7) “New coverage” or “new plan” means the credit insurance coverage or credit insurance plan for which the financial institution collects premiums beginning on the effective date of consolidation.
(8) “Old coverage” or “old plan” means the credit insurance coverage or credit insurance plan the insured debtor had or participated in immediately prior to the consolidation.
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