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2012 Florida Statutes

Liens for overdue assessments; liens for labor performed on, or materials furnished to, a timeshare unit.
F.S. 721.16
721.16 Liens for overdue assessments; liens for labor performed on, or materials furnished to, a timeshare unit.
(1) The managing entity has a lien on a timeshare interest for any assessment levied against that timeshare interest from the date such assessment becomes due. The managing entity also has a lien on a timeshare interest of any purchaser for the cost of any maintenance, repairs, or replacement resulting from an act of such purchaser or purchaser’s guest that results in damage to the timeshare property or facilities made available to the purchasers.
(2) The managing entity may bring a judicial action in its name to foreclose a lien under subsection (1) in the manner a mortgage of real property is foreclosed and may also bring an action to recover a money judgment for the unpaid assessments without waiving any claim of lien. As an alternative to initiating a judicial action, the managing entity may initiate a trustee procedure to foreclose an assessment lien under s. 721.855.
(3) The lien is effective from the date of recording a claim of lien in the official records of the county or counties in which the timeshare interest is located. The claim of lien shall state the name of the timeshare plan and identify the timeshare interest for which the lien is effective, state the name of the purchaser, state the assessment amount due, and state the due dates. Notwithstanding any provision of s. 718.116(5) or s. 719.108(4) to the contrary, the lien is effective until satisfied or until 5 years have expired after the date the claim of lien is recorded unless, within that time, an action to enforce the lien is commenced pursuant to subsection (2). A claim of lien for assessments may include only assessments which are due when the claim is recorded. A claim of lien shall be signed and acknowledged by an officer or agent of the managing entity. Upon full payment, the person making the payment is entitled to receive a satisfaction of the lien.
(4) A judgment in any action or suit brought under this section shall include costs and reasonable attorney’s fees for the prevailing party.
(5) Labor performed on a timeshare unit, or materials furnished to a timeshare unit, shall not be the basis for the filing of a lien pursuant to part I of chapter 713, the Construction Lien Law, against the timeshare unit of any timeshare-period owner not expressly consenting to or requesting the labor or materials.
(6) This section shall not apply to personal property timeshare plans.
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