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2012 Florida Statutes

F.S. 721.17
721.17 Transfer of interest.Except in the case of a timeshare plan subject to the provisions of chapter 718 or chapter 719, no developer, owner of the underlying fee, or owner of the underlying personal property shall sell, lease, assign, mortgage, or otherwise transfer his or her interest in the accommodations and facilities of the timeshare plan except by an instrument evidencing the transfer recorded in the public records of the county in which such accommodations and facilities are located or, with respect to personal property timeshare plans, in full compliance with s. 721.08. The instrument shall be executed by both the transferor and transferee and shall state:
(1) That its provisions are intended to protect the rights of all purchasers of the plan.
(2) That its terms may be enforced by any prior or subsequent timeshare purchaser so long as that purchaser is not in default of his or her obligations.
(3) That so long as a purchaser remains in good standing with respect to her or his obligations under the timeshare instrument, including making all payments to the managing entity required by the timeshare instrument with respect to the annual common expenses of the timeshare plan, the transferee shall honor all rights of such purchaser relating to the subject accommodation or facility as reflected in the timeshare instrument.
(4) That the transferee will fully honor all rights of timeshare purchasers to cancel their contracts and receive appropriate refunds.
(5) That the obligations of the transferee under such instrument will continue to exist despite any cancellation or rejection of the contracts between the developer and purchaser arising out of bankruptcy proceedings.

Should any transfer of the interest of the developer, the owner of the underlying fee, or the owner of the underlying property occur in a manner which is not in compliance with this section, the terms set forth in this section shall be presumed to be a part of the transfer and shall be deemed to be included in the instrument of transfer. Notice shall be mailed to each purchaser of record within 30 days after the transfer unless such transfer does not affect the purchaser’s rights in or use of the timeshare plan. Persons who hold mortgages or liens on the property constituting a timeshare plan before the filed public offering statement of such plan is approved by the division shall not be considered transferees for the purposes of this section.

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