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2014 Florida Statutes

State Risk Management Trust Fund; coverages to be provided.
F.S. 284.01
284.01 State Risk Management Trust Fund; coverages to be provided.
(1) The State Risk Management Trust Fund shall insure those properties designated in subsection (2) which are owned by the state or its agencies, boards, or bureaus against loss from fire, lightning, sinkholes, and hazards customarily insured by extended coverage and loss from the removal of personal property from such properties when endangered by covered perils. Furthermore, the fund may also insure the State Regional Office Building located in the City of Jacksonville, Duval County, including the parking facility owned by the City of Jacksonville, since such building is jointly owned by the State of Florida and the City of Jacksonville. The City of Jacksonville shall be responsible for the payment of all premiums charged by the fund to insure property owned by the City of Jacksonville. Flood insurance shall be provided for state-owned structures and contents designated in subsection (2) to the extent necessary to meet self-insurance requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program, as prescribed in rules and regulations of the Federal Emergency Management Agency in 44 C.F.R. parts 59, 60, and 174, effective October 1, 1986.
(2) The fund shall insure all buildings, whether financed in whole or in part by revenue bonds or certificates, and the contents thereof or of any other buildings leased or rented by the state. For the purpose of this section, all manufactured homes and contents, whether permanently affixed to realty or otherwise, are included. Rental value insurance shall also be provided to indemnify the state or any of its agencies for loss of income when such rental income insurance is required to be carried by the terms of any bonding or revenue certificates or resolutions. Rental value insurance shall also be provided to indemnify the state or any of its agencies for loss of income from those buildings operated and maintained by the Department of Management Services from the Supervision Trust Fund.
(3) No coverage shall be provided by the fund for museum collections, artifacts, relics, fine arts, or boilers and machinery or for any properties related in any way with nuclear reactors or the use, storage, or processing of nuclear fissionable materials. This exclusion as to nuclear properties or related reactors shall not be construed to eliminate the necessity of coverage on medical facilities, particle accelerators, cyclotrons, Van de Graff machines, or any properties associated therewith.
(4) The department may determine deductibles to be established and what coverages or risks are insurable in accordance with this section. Subjects of insurance with a valuation of less than $500 will not be covered by the fund. Coverage shall be provided upon application by agencies to the fund on forms furnished by it.
(5) Premiums charged to agencies for coverage shall be adopted on a retrospective rating arrangement based upon actual losses accruing to the fund and loss prevention results, taking into account reasonable expectations, maintenance, and stability of the fund and cost of reinsurance.
(6) In the event of any partial loss by a covered peril, the loss shall be adjusted on the basis of actual cash value of the property at the time of loss but not exceeding the amount that it would cost to repair or replace the property with material of like kind and quality within a reasonable time after such loss.
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1Note.44 C.F.R. part 74 is reserved.