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2014 Florida Statutes

F.S. 552.081
552.081 Definitions.As used in this chapter:
(1) “Explosive materials” means explosives, blasting agents, or detonators.
(2) “Explosives” means any chemical compound, mixture, or device, the primary purpose of which is to function by explosion. The term “explosives” includes, but is not limited to, dynamite, nitroglycerin, trinitrotoluene, other high explosives, black powder, pellet powder, initiating explosives, detonators, safety fuses, squibs, detonating cord, igniter cord, and igniters. “Explosives” does not include cartridges for firearms and does not include fireworks as defined in chapter 791.
(3) “Blasting agent” means any material or mixture, consisting of fuel and oxidizer, intended for blasting and not otherwise defined as an explosive, provided the finished product, ready for use or shipment, cannot be detonated by means of a number 8 test blasting cap when unconfined.
(4) “Detonator” means any device containing a detonating charge that is used for initiating detonation of an explosive and includes, but is not limited to, blasting caps and electric blasting caps of instantaneous and delay types.
(5) “Person” means any natural person, partnership, association, or corporation.
(6) “Manufacturer-distributor” means a person engaged in the manufacture, compounding, combining, production, or distribution of explosives.
(7) “Dealer” means a person engaged in the wholesale or retail business of buying and selling explosives.
(8) “User” means a dealer or manufacturer-distributor who uses an explosive as an ultimate consumer or a person who, as an ultimate consumer of an explosive, purchases such explosive from a dealer or manufacturer-distributor.
(9) “Blaster” means a person employed by a user who detonates or otherwise effects the explosion of an explosive.
(10) “Sale” and its various forms includes delivery of an explosive with or without consideration.
(11) “Highway” means any public highway in this state, including public streets, alleys, and other thoroughfares, by whatever name, in any municipality.
(12) “Manufacturer’s mark” means the mark placed on each carton of and each individual piece of explosive by the manufacturer to identify the manufacturer and the location, date, and shift of manufacture.
(13) “Two-component explosives” means any two inert components which, when mixed, become capable of detonation by a No. 6 blasting cap, and shall be classified as a Class “A” explosive when so mixed.
(14) “Division” means the Division of State Fire Marshal of the Department of Financial Services.
(15) “Purchase” and its various forms means acquisition of any explosive by a person with or without consideration.
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