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The Florida Senate

2014 Florida Statutes

F.S. 163.02
163.02 Councils of local public officials.
(1) The governing bodies of any two or more counties, municipalities, special districts, or other governmental subdivisions of this state, or any of them, herein referred to as member local governments, may, by resolution, enter into an agreement with each other for the establishment of a council of local public officials. Any council established under the authority of this section shall be a corporation not for profit.
(2) Representation on the council shall be in the manner provided in the agreement establishing the council. The representative from each member local government shall be the elected chief executive of said local government or, if such government does not have an elected chief executive, a member of its governing body chosen by such body to be its representative. Any member may withdraw from the council upon 60 days’ notice subsequent to formal action by its governing body.
(3) The local government council shall have the power to:
(a) Study such area governmental problems as it deems appropriate, including but not limited to matters affecting health, safety, welfare, education, economic conditions, and area development;
(b) Promote cooperative arrangements and coordinate action among its members; and
(c) Make recommendations for review and action to the members and other public agencies that perform local functions and services within the area.
(4) The council shall adopt bylaws designating the officers of the council and providing for the conduct of its business. The council may employ a staff, consult and retain experts, and purchase or lease or otherwise provide for such supplies, materials, equipment and facilities as it deems desirable and necessary.
(5)(a) The governing bodies of the member governments may appropriate funds to meet the necessary expenses of the council. Services of personnel, use of equipment and office space, and other necessary services may be accepted from members as part of their financial support.
(b) The council may accept funds, grants, gifts, and services from the state, from any other governmental unit, whether participating in the council or not, from the Government of the United States, and from private and civic sources.
(c) The council shall make an annual public report of its activities to each of the member local governments, and shall have its accounts audited annually. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ch. 69-69.