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2015 Florida Statutes

F.S. 110.219
110.219 Attendance and leave; general policies.
(1) The workday for each full-time state employee shall be 8 hours or as otherwise justified by the agency head.
(2) Overtime may be required for any employee.
(3) The granting of any leave of absence, with or without pay, shall be in writing and shall be approved by the agency head. An employee who is granted leave of absence with or without pay shall be an employee of the state while on such leave and shall be returned to the same position or a different position in the same class and same work location upon termination of the approved leave of absence. The agency head and the employee may agree in writing to other conditions and terms under which the leave is to be granted.
(4) Each agency shall keep an accurate record of all hours of work performed by each employee, as well as a complete and accurate record of all authorized leave which is approved. The ultimate responsibility for the accuracy and proper maintenance of all attendance and leave records shall be with the agency head.
(5) Rules shall be adopted by the department in cooperation and consultation with the agencies to implement the provisions of this section; however, such rules must be approved by the Administration Commission prior to their adoption. Such rules must provide for, but need not be limited to:
(a) The maximum responsibility and authority resting with each agency head to administer attendance and leave matters in the agency within the parameters of the rules adopted by the department.
(b) Creditable service in which 1 month of service credit is awarded for each calendar month that the employee is on the payroll of a state agency or during which the employee is on authorized leave without pay.
(c) Holidays as provided in s. 110.117.
(d) Overtime provisions.
(e) Annual leave provisions.
(f) Sick leave provisions.
(g) Parental leave provisions.
(h) Family medical leave provisions.
(i) Disability leave provisions.
(j) Compulsory disability leave provisions.
(k) Administrative leave provisions.
(l) Military leave provisions.
(m) Educational leave with pay provisions.
(n) Leave of absence without pay provisions.
(6) The leave benefits provided to Senior Management Service employees shall not exceed those provided to employees in the Selected Exempt Service.
(7) Each December, a permanent career service employee shall be entitled, subject to available funds, to a payout of up to 24 hours of unused annual leave as follows:
(a) A permanent career service employee must have an annual leave balance of no less than 24 hours, after the payout, in order to qualify for this benefit.
(b) No permanent career service employee shall receive a payout of greater than 240 hours over the course of the employee’s career with the state, including any leave received at the time of separation.
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