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2015 Florida Statutes

F.S. 373.326
373.326 Exemptions.
(1) When the water management district finds that compliance with all requirements of this part would result in undue hardship, an exemption from any one or more such requirements may be granted by the water management district to the extent necessary to ameliorate such undue hardship and to the extent such exemption can be granted without impairing the intent and purpose of this part.
(2) Nothing in this part shall prevent a person who has not obtained a license pursuant to s. 373.323 from constructing a well that is 2 inches or under in diameter, on the person’s own or leased property, intended for use only in a single-family house which is his or her residence, or intended for use only for farming purposes on the person’s farm, and when the waters to be produced are not intended for use by the public or any residence other than his or her own, provided that such person complies with all local and state rules and regulations relating to the construction of water wells.
(3) A permit may not be required under this part for any well authorized pursuant to ss. 403.061 and 403.087 under the State Underground Injection Control Program identified in chapter 62-528, Florida Administrative Code, as Class I, Class II, Class III, Class IV, or Class V Groups 2-9. However, such wells must be constructed by persons who have obtained a license pursuant to s. 373.323 as otherwise required by law.
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