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2015 Florida Statutes

F.S. 373.583
373.583 Registration of bonds.
(1) Whenever the owner of any coupon bond issued pursuant to the provisions of this chapter shall present such bond and all unpaid coupons thereof to the treasurer of the district with request for the conversion of such bond into a registered bond, such treasurer shall cut off and cancel the coupons of any such coupon bond so presented, and shall stamp, print or write upon such coupon bond so presented either upon the back or the face thereof as may be convenient, a statement to the effect that said bond is registered in the name of the owner and that thereafter the interest and principal of said bond are payable to the registered owner. Thereafter and from time to time any such bond may be transferred by such registered owner in person or by attorney duly authorized on presentation of such bond to the treasurer, and the bond again registered as before, a similar statement being stamped or written thereon.
(2) Such statement stamped, printed or written upon any such bond may be in substantially the following form:

  (Date, giving month, year and day.)  

This bond is to be registered pursuant to the statutes in such case made and provided in the name of (here insert name of owner), and the interest and principal thereof are hereafter payable to such owner.


(3) If any bond shall have been registered as aforesaid, the principal and interest of said bond shall be payable to the registered owner. The treasurer shall enter in the register of said bonds to be kept by him or her, or in a separate book, the fact of the registration of such bonds, and in whose names respectively, so that said register or book shall at all times show what bonds are registered and the name of the registered owner thereof.
History.s. 41, ch. 25209, 1949; s. 25, ch. 73-190; s. 612, ch. 95-148.
Note.Former s. 378.41.