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2015 Florida Statutes

Research and planning for affordable housing; annual housing report.
F.S. 420.6075
420.6075 Research and planning for affordable housing; annual housing report.
(1) The research and planning functions of the department shall include the collection of data on the need for affordable housing in this state and the extent to which that need is being met through federal, state, and local programs, in order to facilitate planning to meet the housing needs in this state and to enable the development of sound strategies and programs for affordable housing. To fulfill this function, the Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing at the University of Florida shall perform the following functions:
(a) Quantify affordable housing needs in the state by analyzing available data, including information provided through the housing elements of local comprehensive plans, and identify revisions in the housing element data requirements that would result in more uniform, meaningful information being obtained.
(b) Document the results since 1980 of all programs administered by the department which provide for or act as incentives for housing production or improvement. Data on program results must include the number of units produced and the unit cost under each program.
(c) Inventory the supply of affordable housing units made available through federal, state, and local programs. Data on the geographic distribution of affordable units must show the availability of units in each county and municipality.
(2) By December 31 of each year, the Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing shall submit to the Legislature an updated housing report describing the supply of and need for affordable housing. This annual housing report shall include:
(a) A synopsis of training and technical assistance activities and community-based organization housing activities for the year.
(b) A status report on the degree of progress toward meeting the housing objectives of the department’s agency functional plan.
(c) Recommended housing initiatives for the next fiscal year and recommended priorities for assistance to the various target populations within the spectrum of housing need.
(3) The Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing shall:
(a) Conduct research on program options to address the need for affordable housing.
(b) Conduct research on training models to be replicated or adapted to meet the needs of community-based organizations and state and local government staff involved in housing development.
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