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2015 Florida Statutes

Homelessness; discharge guidelines.
F.S. 420.626
420.626 Homelessness; discharge guidelines.
(1) It is the intent of the Legislature, to encourage mental health facilities or institutions under contract with, operated, licensed, or regulated by the state and local governments to ensure that persons leaving their care or custody are not discharged into homelessness.
(2) The following facilities and institutions are encouraged to develop and implement procedures designed to reduce the discharge of persons into homelessness when such persons are admitted or housed for more than 24 hours at such facilities or institutions: hospitals and inpatient medical facilities; crisis stabilization units; residential treatment facilities; assisted living facilities; and detoxification centers.
(3) The procedures should include:
(a) Development and implementation of a screening process or other mechanism for identifying persons to be discharged from the facility or institution who are at considerable risk for homelessness or face some imminent threat to health and safety upon discharge;
(b) Development and implementation of a discharge plan addressing how identified persons will secure housing and other needed care and support upon discharge;
(c) Assessment of the capabilities of the entities to whom identified persons may potentially be discharged, and selection of the entity determined to be best equipped to provide or facilitate the provision of suitable care and support;
(d) Coordination of effort and sharing of information with entities that are expected to bear the responsibility for providing care or support to identified persons upon discharge; and
(e) Provision of sufficient medication, medical equipment and supplies, clothing, transportation, and other basic resources necessary to assure that the health and well-being of identified persons are not jeopardized upon their discharge.
(4) This section is intended only to recommend model guidelines and procedures that mental health facilities or institutions under contract with or operated, licensed, or regulated by the state or local governments may consider when discharging persons into the community. This section is not an entitlement, and no cause of action shall arise against the state, the local government entity, or any other political subdivision of this state for failure to follow any of the procedures or provide any of the services suggested under this section.
History.s. 13, ch. 2001-98.