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2015 Florida Statutes

Annual report of prepaid health clinic; administrative penalty.
F.S. 641.41
641.41 Annual report of prepaid health clinic; administrative penalty.
(1) Each prepaid health clinic shall file a report with the office, annually on or before March 1, or within 3 months of the end of the reporting period of the clinic, or within such extension of time for the filing of the report as the office, for good cause, may grant. The report of the prepaid health clinic must be filed on forms prescribed by the commission and must be verified under oath by two executive officers of the clinic or, if the clinic is not a corporation, verified under oath by two persons who are principal managing directors of the affairs of the clinic. The report of the clinic shall show the condition of the clinic on the last day of the immediately preceding reporting period. Such report shall include:
(a) A financial statement of the clinic, including its balance sheet and a statement of operations for the preceding year;
(b) A list of the name and residence address of every person responsible for the conduct of the affairs of the clinic, together with a disclosure of the extent and nature of any contract or arrangement between such person and the clinic, including any possible conflicts of interest;
(c) The number of prepaid health clinic contracts issued and outstanding, and the number of prepaid health clinic contracts terminated and a compilation of the reasons for such terminations;
(d) Such statistical information as is requested by the commission or office, which information shows the rates of the clinic for all basic services provided under prepaid health clinic contracts;
(e) The number and amount of damage claims for medical injury initiated against the clinic and any of the providers engaged by it during the reporting year, broken down into claims with and without formal legal process, and the disposition, if any, of each such claim; and
(f) Such other information relating to the performance of the clinic as is required by the commission or office.
(2) Any clinic which neglects to file the annual report in the form and within the time required by this section is subject to an administrative penalty, not to exceed $100 for each day during which the neglect continues; and, upon notice by the office to that effect, the authority of the clinic to do business in this state shall cease while such default continues. 10, 11, ch. 84-313; s. 31, ch. 85-62; s. 16, ch. 87-236; ss. 187, 188, ch. 91-108; s. 4, ch. 91-429; s. 1606, ch. 2003-261.