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The Florida Senate

2015 Florida Statutes

F.S. 369.303
369.303 Definitions.As used in this part:
(1) “Council” means the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council.
(2) “Counties” means Orange, Seminole, and Lake Counties.
(3) “Department” means the Department of Economic Opportunity.
(4) “Development of regional impact” means a development which is subject to the review procedures established by s. 380.06 or s. 380.065, and s. 380.07.
(5) “Land development regulation” means a regulation covered by the definition in s. 163.3164 and any of the types of regulations described in s. 163.3202.
(6) “Local comprehensive plan” means a comprehensive plan adopted pursuant to ss. 163.3164-163.3215.
(7) “Revised comprehensive plan” means a comprehensive plan prepared pursuant to ss. 163.3164-163.3215 which has been revised pursuant to chapters 85-55, 86-191, and 87-338, Laws of Florida, and subsequent laws amending said sections.
(8) “Wekiva River development permit” means any zoning permit, subdivision approval, rezoning, special exception, variance, site plan approval, or other official action of local government having the effect of permitting the development of land in the Wekiva River Protection Area. “Wekiva River development permit” shall not include a building permit, certificate of occupancy, or other permit relating to the compliance of a development with applicable electrical, plumbing, or other building codes.
(9) “Wekiva River Protection Area” means the lands within: Township 18 south range 28 east; Township 18 south range 29 east; Township 19 south range 28 east, less those lands lying west of a line formed by County Road 437, State Road 46, and County Road 435; Township 19 south range 29 east; Township 20 south range 28 east, less all lands lying west of County Road 435; and Township 20 south range 29 east, less all those lands east of Markham Woods Road.
(10) “Wekiva River System” means the Wekiva River, the Little Wekiva River, Black Water Creek, Rock Springs Run, Sulphur Run, and Seminole Creek.
History.s. 1, ch. 88-121; s. 26, ch. 88-393; s. 46, ch. 91-221; s. 4, ch. 93-206; s. 50, ch. 2011-139; s. 242, ch. 2011-142.