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2015 Florida Statutes

Children’s substance abuse services; demonstration models.
F.S. 397.97
397.97 Children’s substance abuse services; demonstration models.
(1) CREATION; PURPOSE.There is created the Children’s Network of Care Demonstration Models to operate, for 4 years, for children who are at risk of substance abuse or who have substance abuse problems. The purpose of the demonstration models is to encourage collaboration among the department, the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Department of Education, the Department of Health, the Department of Juvenile Justice, local government agencies, and any other interested party, through a partnership agreement entered into to provide a locally organized network of care for children and their families. The demonstration models must:
(a) Be implemented using existing funds;
(b) Center on the child and his or her family;
(c) Promote integration and coordination of services;
(d) Provide for accountable outcomes; and
(e) Emphasize the provision of services in the least restrictive, most appropriate setting, utilizing uniform placement criteria established in rule of the department.
(2) GOAL.The goal of the Children’s Network of Care Demonstration Models is to create an effective interagency strategy for delivering substance abuse services to the target populations through a local network of service providers. The specific objectives of this strategy are to:
(a) Develop standardized forms and uniform procedures which shall be used for screening, intake, assessment, enrollment, service planning, case management, and utilization management;
(b) Eliminate duplication of services;
(c) Employ natural supports in the family and the community to help meet the service needs of the child who is at risk of substance abuse or has a substance abuse problem;
(d) Improve interagency planning efforts through greater collaboration between public and private community-based agencies;
(e) Test creative and flexible strategies for financing the care of children who are at risk of substance abuse or have a substance abuse problem; and
(f) Share information about the child with appropriate community agencies.
(a) Each demonstration model shall be governed by a multiagency consortium of state and county agencies or other public agencies, or a community-based, not-for-profit substance abuse or behavioral health network designated by the department, hereafter referred to as the purchasing agent, which shall purchase individualized services for children who are at risk of substance abuse or have a substance abuse problem. Services shall be based on need rather than on traditional services limited to narrowly defined cost centers or appropriations categories. Approval to operate as a Children’s Network of Care Demonstration Model shall be given by the secretary of the department and shall be based on criteria developed by the department.
(b) The local purchasing agent is responsible for designing a well-defined network of experienced substance abuse services providers. At a minimum, the consortium shall:
1. Specify the capacity and composition of the provider network;
2. Approve providers for the network;
3. Ensure enrollees’ access to network services;
4. Subcontract with providers;
5. Establish qualification standards for provider staff; and
6. Monitor providers’ performance.
History.s. 13, ch. 99-396; s. 61, ch. 2005-2; s. 47, ch. 2009-132.