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2016 Florida Statutes

Microfilming and destroying records and correspondence.
F.S. 17.27
17.27 Microfilming and destroying records and correspondence.
(1) The Department of Financial Services may destroy general correspondence files and also any other records which the department may deem no longer necessary to preserve in accordance with retention schedules and destruction notices established under rules of the Division of Library and Information Services, records and information management program, of the Department of State. Such schedules and notices relating to financial records of the department shall be subject to the approval of the Auditor General.
(2) The Department of Financial Services may photograph, microphotograph, or reproduce on film such documents and records as it may select, in such manner that each page will be exposed in exact conformity with the original.
(3) The Department of Financial Services may destroy any of such documents after they have been photographed and filed in accordance with the provisions of subsection (1).
(4) Photographs or microphotographs in the form of film or prints of any records made in compliance with the provisions of this section shall have the same force and effect as the originals thereof would have, and shall be treated as originals for the purpose of their admissibility in evidence. Duly certified or authenticated reproductions of such photographs or microphotographs shall be admitted in evidence equally with the original photographs or microphotographs. 1-3, ch. 23909, 1947; ss. 12, 35, ch. 69-106; s. 6, ch. 71-377; s. 1, ch. 77-102; s. 1, ch. 78-177; s. 2, ch. 86-163; s. 39, ch. 2003-261.