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2016 Florida Statutes

F.S. 163.065
163.065 Miami River Improvement Act.
(1) SHORT TITLE.This section may be cited as the “Miami River Improvement Act.”
(a) The Miami River Commission was created by chapter 98-402, Laws of Florida, to be the official coordinating clearinghouse for all public policy and projects related to the Miami River.
(b) The United States Congress has provided funding for an initial federal share of 80 percent for the environmental and navigational improvements to the Miami River. The governments of the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County are coordinating with the Legislature and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to determine how the 20-percent local share will be provided.
(c) Successful revitalizing and sustaining the urban redevelopment of the areas adjacent to the Miami River is dependent on addressing, through an integrated and coordinated intergovernmental plan, a range of varied components essential to a healthy urban environment, including cultural, recreational, economic, and transportation components.
(d) The purpose of this section is to ensure a coordinated federal, state, regional, and local effort to improve the Miami River and adjacent areas.
(3) AGENCY ASSISTANCE.All state and regional agencies shall provide all available assistance to the Miami River Commission in the conduct of its activities.
(4) PLAN.The Miami River Commission, working with the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County, shall consider the merits of the following:
(a) Development and adoption of an urban infill and redevelopment plan, under ss. 163.2511-163.2520, which participating state and regional agencies shall review for the purposes of determining consistency with applicable law.
(b) Development of a greenway/riverwalk and blueway, where appropriate, as authorized in s. 260.011, to provide an attractive and safe connector system of bicycle, pedestrian, and transit routes and water taxis to link jobs, waterfront amenities, and people, and contribute to the comprehensive revitalization of the Miami River.
History.s. 26, ch. 2000-170; s. 23, ch. 2001-60; s. 185, ch. 2010-102; s. 2, ch. 2012-90.