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The Florida Senate

2016 Florida Statutes

F.S. 177.507
177.507 Certification of corners.
(1) Every surveyor and mapper not under contract to the department for the execution of this act who, in any survey or resurvey made under his or her direction, identifies, recovers, reestablishes, remonuments, restores, or uses as control a public land survey corner or corner accessory must, within 90 days after completion of the survey, file with the department a certified corner record for each such corner or corner accessory, unless the corner or its accessories are substantially as described in a previously filed corner record. The record shall be signed, embossed with the official seal of the surveyor and mapper, and produced on material suitable for reproduction or microfilming. The 90-day limitation may be extended with permission of the department. All such certified corner records shall be accepted and filed with the department without further inspection or approval of any public body or officer, if prepared in accordance with the criteria set forth in subsection (3).
(2) Each certified corner record shall contain the following minimum information:
(a) A description of the corner which the monument marks.
(b) A description of the monument.
(c) Descriptions and angular and linear measurements to at least three readily identifiable accessories or reference monuments, unless the department agrees to fewer accessories.
(d) A graphic illustration of the action by the surveyor and mapper showing field conditions and dimensions at, and in the vicinity of, the corner as well as descriptive language, where appropriate, listing pertinent details of the action of the surveyor and mapper.
(3) In every case in which a certified corner record of a public land survey corner is filed under the provisions of this act, the surveyor and mapper must reconstruct or rehabilitate the monument of such corner and accessories to such corner, so as to make them as permanent as is reasonably possible and to facilitate their location in the future.
(4) The department shall make its records available for public inspection during all usual office hours, and true full scale copies thereof shall be made available for a reasonable fee.
(5) In order to provide a means to protect property owners and others concerned with matters of land titles and title insurance, the department has no authority under this act to determine private property rights, private ownership boundaries where these boundaries are not adjoining public lands, or locations of survey corners other than public land survey corners.
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