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2016 Florida Statutes

F.S. 288.31
288.31 Armories; financing construction authorized.
(1) The Division of Bond Finance of the State Board of Administration shall have the power to borrow money and incur obligations by way of bonds, notes, or revenue certificates and issue such obligations for the purpose of financing, either in whole or in part, the construction of armories in such counties and municipalities as designated by the State Armory Board. The authority hereby conferred shall empower the said division to issue such certificates or bonds for the financing of the share or portion of the cost to be borne by a county or municipality when required by the provisions of a grant of funds from the state or the Federal Government or any other source, or to authorize the borrowing and issuing of obligations for financing such an armory in its entirety. Bonds, notes, or certificates issued hereunder shall be issued in conformity to all the provisions of chapter 215, and the division shall be empowered to fix the rentals or charges to be collected for the purpose of the retirement or purchase of said obligations. The division and the county or municipality shall be empowered to enter into such lease, or leases, as may be necessary to ensure the providing of sufficient funds to retire such obligations and when the said obligations shall have been fully paid, the armory shall be conveyed to the state. Leases with the county or municipality under the terms of this section shall provide for the control of the building and its use to be vested in the military commander representing the Armory Board in accordance with the provisions of s. 250.40.
(2) For the purpose of determining the amount of the contribution of any county or municipality toward the requirement of matching state or federal funds, real estate provided or donated by such county or municipality may be considered as a portion of the contribution required to the amount of the fair appraised value of the same as determined by the Armory Board, and all lands, buildings and structures shall be conveyed to and become the property of the Division of Bond Finance when it acts under the provisions of this section, the same to be conveyed to the state when all obligations against same shall have been paid in full.
(3) Nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing the pledging, mortgaging or otherwise hypothecating the real estate and armory building, but the obligations issued hereunder shall pledge only the income from the armory building as covered in its rental by the county or municipality or from other sources.
(4) The purpose of this section is to provide a means for financing and supplying the funds necessary to be furnished by a county or municipality to meet and match funds made available by the state or federal government on a matching basis or to provide the total amount of the construction costs of armories.
(5) Counties and municipalities are hereby authorized and empowered to levy taxes not to exceed 1 mill to provide the funds necessary for the lease or leases herein provided and for the retirement of bonds or certificates of indebtedness issued by the division under the provisions of this section.
(6) Nothing in this section, however, shall be construed to repeal any provision of chapter 250, as amended in 1949.
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Note.Former s. 420.18.