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2016 Florida Statutes

Certificates of value adjustment board and property appraiser; extensions on the assessment rolls.
F.S. 193.122
193.122 Certificates of value adjustment board and property appraiser; extensions on the assessment rolls.
1(1) The value adjustment board shall certify each assessment roll upon order of the board of county commissioners pursuant to s. 197.323, if applicable, and again after all hearings required by s. 194.032 have been held. These certificates shall be attached to each roll as required by the Department of Revenue. Notwithstanding an extension of the roll by the board of county commissioners pursuant to s. 197.323, the value adjustment board must complete all hearings required by s. 194.032 and certify the assessment roll to the property appraiser by June 1 following the assessment year. The June 1 requirement shall be extended until December 1 in each year in which the number of petitions filed increased by more than 10 percent over the previous year.
(2) After the first certification of the tax rolls by the value adjustment board, the property appraiser shall make all required extensions on the rolls to show the tax attributable to all taxable property. Upon completion of these extensions, and upon satisfying himself or herself that all property is properly taxed, the property appraiser shall certify the tax rolls and shall within 1 week thereafter publish notice of the date and fact of extension and certification on the property appraiser’s website and in a periodical meeting the requirements of s. 50.011 and publicly display a notice of the date of certification in the office of the property appraiser. The property appraiser shall also supply notice of the date of the certification to any taxpayer who requests one in writing. These certificates and notices shall be made in the form required by the department and attached to each roll as required by the department by rule.
(3) When the tax rolls have been extended pursuant to s. 197.323, the second certification of the value adjustment board shall reflect all changes made by the board together with any adjustments or changes made by the property appraiser. Upon such certification, the property appraiser shall recertify the tax rolls with all changes to the collector and shall provide public notice of the date and fact of recertification pursuant to subsection (2).
(4) An appeal of a value adjustment board decision pursuant to s. 194.036(1)(a) or (b) by the property appraiser shall be filed prior to extension of the tax roll under subsection (2) or, if the roll was extended pursuant to s. 197.323, within 30 days of recertification under subsection (3). The roll may be certified by the property appraiser prior to an appeal being filed pursuant to s. 194.036(1)(c), but such appeal shall be filed within 20 days after receipt of the decision of the department relative to further judicial proceedings.
(5) The department shall promulgate regulations to ensure that copies of the tax rolls are distributed to the appropriate officials and maintained as part of their records for as long as is necessary to provide for the orderly collection of taxes. Such regulations shall also provide for the maintenance of the necessary permanent copies of such rolls.
(6) The property appraiser may extend millage as required in subsection (2) against the assessment roll and certify it to the tax collector even though there are parcels subject to judicial or administrative review pursuant to s. 194.036(1). Such parcels shall be certified and have taxes extended against them in accordance with the decisions of the value adjustment board or the property appraiser’s valuation if the roll has been extended pursuant to s. 197.323, except that payment of such taxes by the taxpayer shall not preclude the taxpayer from being required to pay additional taxes in accordance with final judicial determination of an appeal filed pursuant to s. 194.036(1).
(7) Each assessment roll shall be submitted to the executive director of the department in the manner and form prescribed by the department within 1 week after extension and certification to the tax collector and again after recertification to the tax collector, if applicable. When the provisions of s. 193.1145 are exercised, the requirements of this subsection shall apply upon extension pursuant to s. 193.1145(3)(a) and again upon reconciliation pursuant to s. 193.1145(8)(a).
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1Note.Section 4, ch. 2016-128, provides that “[t]he amendments made by this act to s. 193.122, Florida Statutes, first apply beginning with the 2018 tax roll.”
Note.Consolidation of provisions of former ss. 193.401-193.421.