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2016 Florida Statutes

Construction; exemptions; collection.
F.S. 210.04
210.04 Construction; exemptions; collection.
(1) The amount of taxes advanced and paid to the state aforesaid shall be added to and collected as a part of the sales price of the cigarettes sold or distributed, which amount may be stated separately from the price of the cigarettes on all display signs, sales and delivery slips, bills and statements which advertise or indicate the price of the product.
(2) The cigarette tax imposed shall be collected only once upon the same package or container of such cigarettes.
(3) No tax shall be imposed by this part upon cigarettes not within the taxing power of the state under the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution.
(4) No tax shall be required to be paid:
(a) Upon cigarettes sold at post exchanges, ship service stores, ship stores, slop chests, or base exchanges to members of the Armed Services of the United States when such post exchanges, ship service stores, or base exchanges are operated under regulations of the Army, Navy, or Air Force of the United States on military, naval, or air force reservations in this state or when such ship stores or slop chests are operated under the regulations of the United States Navy on ships of the United States Navy; however, it is unlawful for anyone, including members of the Armed Services of the United States, to purchase such tax-exempt cigarettes for purposes of resale. Any person who resells, or offers for resale, tax-exempt cigarettes purchased at post exchanges, ship service stores, ship stores, slop chests, or base exchanges is guilty of a violation of the cigarette tax law, punishable as provided in s. 210.18(1).
(b) Upon the sale or gift of cigarettes by charitable organizations to bona fide patients in regularly established government veterans’ hospitals in Florida for the personal use or consumption of such patients.
(5) It shall be presumed that all cigarettes are subject to the tax imposed by this part until the contrary is established, and the burden of proof that they are not taxable shall be upon the person having possession of them.
(6) The sale of single or loose unpacked cigarettes is prohibited. The division may authorize any person to give away sample packages of cigarettes, each to contain not less than two cigarettes upon which the taxes have been paid.
(7) Nothing in this part shall be construed to prohibit the sale of cigarettes, upon which the tax has been advanced, through the medium of vending machines where the tax is collected by the said vending machines.
(8) Except as hereinafter provided, all agents shall be liable for the collection and payment of the tax imposed by this part and shall pay the tax to the division by purchasing, under such regulations as it shall prescribe, adhesive stamps of such design and denominations as it shall prescribe.
(9) Agents, located within or without the state, shall purchase stamps and affix such stamps in the manner prescribed to packages or containers of cigarettes to be sold, distributed, or given away within the state, in which case any dealer subsequently receiving such stamped packages of cigarettes will not be required to purchase and affix stamps on such packages of cigarettes. However, the division may, in its discretion, authorize manufacturers to distribute in the state free sample packages of cigarettes containing not less than 2 or more than 20 cigarettes without affixing any surcharge and tax stamps provided copies of shipping invoices on such cigarettes are furnished, and payment of all surcharges and taxes imposed on such cigarettes by law is made, directly to the division not later than the 10th day of each calendar month. The surcharge and tax on cigarettes in sample packages shall be based on a unit in accordance with the surcharges levied under s. 210.011(1) and the taxing provisions of s. 210.02(1).
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