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2016 Florida Statutes

Vested rights and duties; effect of size reduction, changes in guidelines and standards.
F.S. 380.115
380.115 Vested rights and duties; effect of size reduction, changes in guidelines and standards.
(1) A change in a development-of-regional-impact guideline and standard does not abridge or modify any vested or other right or any duty or obligation pursuant to any development order or agreement that is applicable to a development of regional impact. A development that has received a development-of-regional-impact development order pursuant to s. 380.06 but is no longer required to undergo development-of-regional-impact review by operation of a change in the guidelines and standards, a development that has reduced its size below the thresholds as specified in s. 380.0651, a development that is exempt pursuant to s. 380.06(24) or (29), or a development that elects to rescind the development order are governed by the following procedures:
(a) The development shall continue to be governed by the development-of-regional-impact development order and may be completed in reliance upon and pursuant to the development order unless the developer or landowner has followed the procedures for rescission in paragraph (b). Any proposed changes to developments which continue to be governed by a development order must be approved pursuant to s. 380.06(19) as it existed before a change in the development-of-regional-impact guidelines and standards, except that all percentage criteria are doubled and all other criteria are increased by 10 percent. The development-of-regional-impact development order may be enforced by the local government as provided in ss. 380.06(17) and 380.11.
(b) If requested by the developer or landowner, the development-of-regional-impact development order shall be rescinded by the local government having jurisdiction upon a showing that all required mitigation related to the amount of development that existed on the date of rescission has been completed or will be completed under an existing permit or equivalent authorization issued by a governmental agency as defined in s. 380.031(6), if such permit or authorization is subject to enforcement through administrative or judicial remedies.
(2) A development with an application for development approval pending, pursuant to s. 380.06, on the effective date of a change to the guidelines and standards, or a notification of proposed change pending on the effective date of a change to the guidelines and standards, may elect to continue such review pursuant to s. 380.06. At the conclusion of the pending review, including any appeals pursuant to s. 380.07, the resulting development order shall be governed by the provisions of subsection (1).
(3) A landowner that has filed an application for a development-of-regional-impact review prior to the adoption of a sector plan pursuant to s. 163.3245 may elect to have the application reviewed pursuant to s. 380.06, comprehensive plan provisions in force prior to adoption of the sector plan, and any requested comprehensive plan amendments that accompany the application.
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