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2016 Florida Statutes

Right of appeal; immediate release.
F.S. 392.60
392.60 Right of appeal; immediate release.
(1) Any person who is aggrieved by the entry of an order under s. 392.55, s. 392.56, or s. 392.57 shall have the period of time provided by the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure within which to appeal an order from the circuit court. Every order entered under the terms of s. 392.55, s. 392.56, or s. 392.57 shall be executed immediately unless the court entering such order or the appellate court, in its discretion, enters a supersedeas order and fixes the terms and conditions thereof.
(2) Any person who is examined, treated, hospitalized, placed in another health care facility or residential facility, isolated in the home, or confined under an emergency hold order, as a result of an order entered under s. 392.55, s. 392.56, or s. 392.57, may at any time petition the circuit court for immediate release and termination of the order.
(3) The petition to the court for immediate release and termination of the order entered under authority of s. 392.55, s. 392.56, or s. 392.57 shall show that the person is entitled to relief from the original order pursuant to the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, or that:
(a) There has been a substantial change in the original facts and circumstances upon which the order was issued;
(b) The person is cured and no longer poses a threat to the public health; or
(c) The person will continue with prescribed medications and treatment to cure, which includes the use of directly observed therapy, if medically necessary, to reduce the risk of infection to the public and the person has not exhibited past behavior that indicates a tendency toward noncompliance with treatment.
(4) When considering a petition for immediate release and before making any release, the court shall consult the department and the person’s physician, if any, concerning the person’s medical condition and any other related factors that may affect the present and future threat to the public health that may be caused by the release of the person.
(5) Upon granting a petition for immediate release, the court may impose those conditions it believes reasonably necessary to protect the public from active tuberculosis.
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