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2017 Florida Statutes

F.S. 122.16
122.16 Employment after retirement.
(1) Any person who is retired under this chapter, except under the disability retirement provisions of ss. 122.09 and 122.34, may be employed by an employer that does not participate in a state-administered retirement system and may receive compensation from such employment without limiting or restricting in any way the retirement benefits payable to such person.
(2)(a) Any person retired under this chapter, except under the disability retirement provisions of ss. 122.09 and 122.34, may be reemployed by any private or public employer after retirement and receive retirement benefits and compensation from his or her employer without limitation, except that no person may receive both a salary from reemployment with any agency participating in the Florida Retirement System and retirement benefits under this chapter for a period of 12 months immediately subsequent to the date of retirement.
(b) Any person to whom the limitation in paragraph (a) applies who violates such reemployment limitation and is reemployed with any agency participating in the Florida Retirement System prior to completion of the 12-month limitation period shall give timely notice of this fact in writing to his or her employer and to the department; and his or her retirement benefits shall be suspended for the balance of the 12-month limitation period. Any person employed in violation of this subsection and any employing agency which knowingly employs or appoints such person without notifying the department to suspend retirement benefits shall be jointly and severally liable for reimbursement to the retirement trust fund of any benefits paid during the reemployment limitation period. To avoid liability, such employing agency shall have a written statement from the retiree that he or she is not retired from a state-administered retirement system. Any retirement benefits received by such person while he or she is reemployed during this reemployment limitation period shall be repaid to the retirement trust fund, and his or her retirement benefits shall remain suspended until such repayment has been made. Any benefits suspended beyond the reemployment limitation period shall apply toward the repayment of benefits received in violation of the reemployment limitation.
(c) The employment by an employer of any retiree of a state-administered retirement system shall have no effect on the average final compensation or years of creditable service of such retiree. Prior to July 1, 1991, upon employment of any person, other than an elected officer as provided in s. 121.053, who has been retired under a state-administered retirement program, the employer shall pay retirement contributions in an amount equal to the unfunded actuarial accrued liability portion of the employer contribution which would be required for a regular member of the Florida Retirement System. Effective July 1, 1991, contributions shall be made as provided in s. 121.122 for renewed membership.
(d) The limitations of this subsection apply to reemployment in any capacity with an employer as defined in s. 121.021(10), irrespective of the category of funds from which the person is compensated.
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