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2017 Florida Statutes

Dismissal or discharge of resident; refund.
F.S. 651.061
651.061 Dismissal or discharge of resident; refund.
(1) No contract for care shall permit dismissal or discharge of the resident from the facility providing care before the expiration of the contract, without just cause for such a removal. For any contract entered into on or after October 1, 1997, and terminated by a provider for just cause, the provider shall pay to the resident any refund due upon the resident’s vacating the facility, less a reasonable amount to cover the anticipated cost of utilities, telephone, or other obligations, if applicable and as documented by the provider. Any funds retained and not used for such purposes will be refunded to the resident within 45 days of vacating the unit. For contracts written prior to October 1, 1997, any refund due shall be made in accordance with the terms of the contract. The term “just cause” includes, but is not limited to, a good faith determination that a resident is a danger to herself or himself or others while remaining in the facility. The term “just cause” does not include termination of contract holders for the purpose of decertifying a facility from this chapter.
(2) It shall not be deemed just cause if the resident is unable to pay monthly maintenance fees until the entire unearned entrance fee, plus, when applicable, any Medicare benefits under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act and/or third-party insurance benefits received, is earned by the facility. For this purpose, the unearned portion shall be the difference between all amounts paid in by the resident and the cost of caring for the resident based upon the per capita cost to the facility. In any case where a consideration greater than the minimum charge has been paid for accommodations which are above-standard, the facility may include an additional amount in the resident’s cost of care based upon the ratio of the amount paid to the minimum consideration for standard accommodations times the current per capita cost and applied to the period the aged person was in residence. Should these entrance fees be exhausted within 90 days of the date of failure to pay, the facility may not require the resident to leave before 90 days from the date of failure to pay, during which time the resident shall continue to pay the facility a reduced fee based on her or his current income.
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