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2018 Florida Statutes

Tribal council as governing body; powers and duties.
F.S. 285.18
285.18 Tribal council as governing body; powers and duties.
(1) The respective governing bodies of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians recognized by the United States and organized pursuant to the provisions of the Act of June 18, 1934, 48 Stat. 987, 25 U.S.C. s. 476 shall be the respective governing bodies of the special improvement districts created by s. 285.17.
(2) The governing bodies of the special improvement districts shall have the duty and power:
(a) To plan, contract for, and implement programs for the benefit of their members in law enforcement, education, housing, health care, and other social services, which shall include, without limitation, delivery of health services, workforce training, child services, and other programs to improve the health, economic, and educational opportunities of its members.
(b) To contract with the district school board of any district adjoining the local school district, when deemed necessary by the tribal council, to provide public education and educational programs for their members, notwithstanding the provisions of s. 1001.42 that authorize school boards to establish attendance areas for their districts or approve plans for attendance in other districts.
(c) To employ personnel to exercise law enforcement powers, including the investigation of violations of any of the criminal laws of the state occurring on reservations over which the state has assumed jurisdiction pursuant to s. 285.16.
1. All law enforcement personnel employed shall be considered peace officers for all purposes and shall have the authority to bear arms, make arrests, and apply for, serve, and execute search warrants, arrest warrants, capias, and other process of the court, and to enforce criminal and noncriminal traffic offenses, within their respective special improvement districts.
2. All law enforcement personnel shall be entitled to the privileges, protection, and benefits of ss. 112.19 and 870.05.
(d) To employ such personnel as necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the special improvement districts and to prescribe all terms and conditions for the employment of such personnel, including, but not limited to, the fixing of their compensation, benefits, the filing of performance and fidelity bonds, and such policies of insurance as they may deem advisable, and apply for coverage of their employees under the state retirement system subject to necessary action by the districts to pay employer contributions into the state retirement fund. However, any law enforcement officer employed must meet the standards required pursuant to ss. 943.085-943.25.
(e) To execute any and all instruments, and do and perform any and all acts for things necessary, convenient, or desirable for its purposes or to carry out the powers expressly given in this section.
(f) To borrow money, accept gifts, and apply for and use grants or loans of money or other property from the United States, the state, a local unit of government or any person, for any district purpose and may enter into agreements required in connection therewith, and may hold, use, and dispose of such moneys or property in accordance with the terms of the gift, grant, loan, or agreement relating thereto.
(3) The law enforcement agencies of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida shall have the authority of “criminal justice agencies” as defined in s. 943.045(11)(e) and shall have the specific authority to negotiate agreements with the Department of Law Enforcement, the United States Department of Justice, and other federal law enforcement agencies for access to criminal history records for the purpose of conducting ongoing criminal investigations and for the following governmental purposes:
(a) Background investigations, which are required for employment by a tribal education program, tribal Head Start program, or tribal day care program as may be required by state or federal law.
(b) Background investigations, which are required for employment by tribal law enforcement agencies.
(c) Background investigations, which are required for employment by a tribal government.
(d) Background investigations with respect to all employees, primary management officials, and all persons having a financial interest in a class II Indian tribal gaming enterprise to ensure eligibility as provided in the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, 25 U.S.C. ss. 2701 et seq.

With regard to those investigations authorized in paragraphs (a), (c), and (d), each such individual shall file a complete set of his or her fingerprints that have been taken by an authorized law enforcement officer, which set of fingerprints shall be submitted to the Department of Law Enforcement for state processing and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for federal processing. The cost of processing shall be borne by the applicant.

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