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The Florida Senate

2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 377.21
377.21 Jurisdiction of division.
(1) The division shall have jurisdiction and authority over all persons and property necessary to administer and enforce effectively the provisions of this law and all other laws relating to the conservation of oil and gas or to the storage of gas in and recovery of gas from natural gas storage reservoirs.
(2) The division shall have authority, and it shall be its duty, to make such inquiries as it may deem proper to determine whether waste, over which it has jurisdiction, exists or is imminent. In the exercise of such power, the division shall have the authority to:
(a) Collect data.
(b) Make investigations and inspections.
(c) Examine properties, leases, papers, books, and records and to examine, survey, check, test, and gauge oil and gas wells, tanks, storage tanks, treatment plants and facilities, and modes of transportation used to gather and process crude oil or gas and products derived from wells within the state, prior to delivery to a common carrier.
(d) Hold hearings.
(e) Provide for the keeping of records and the making of reports.
(f) Take such action as may be reasonably necessary to enforce this law.
(3) The jurisdiction of the division shall extend to the state boundaries as set forth in s. 1, Art. II of the State Constitution.
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