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2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 377.24075
377.24075 Exemption from public records requirements.Proprietary business information held by the Department of Environmental Protection in accordance with its statutory duties with respect to an application for a natural gas storage facility permit is confidential and exempt from s. 119.07(1) and s. 24(a), Art. I of the State Constitution.
(1) As used in this section, the term “proprietary business information” means information that:
(a) Is owned or controlled by the applicant or a person affiliated with the applicant.
(b) Is intended to be private and is treated by the applicant as private because disclosure would harm the applicant or the applicant’s business operations.
(c) Has not been disclosed except as required by law or a private agreement that provides that the information will not be released to the public.
(d) Is not publicly available or otherwise readily ascertainable through proper means from another source in the same configuration as requested by the department.
(e) Includes, but is not limited to:
1. Trade secrets as defined in s. 688.002.
2. Leasing plans, real property acquisition plans, exploration budgets, or marketing studies, the disclosure of which would impair the efforts of the applicant or its affiliates to contract for goods or services or to acquire real property interests on favorable terms.
3. Competitive interests, which may include well design or completion plans, geological or engineering studies related to storage reservoir performance characteristics, or field utilization strategies or operating plans, the disclosure of which would impair the competitive business of the applicant providing the information.
(f) May be found in a document:
1. Filed with the department by the applicant or affiliated person seeking a natural gas storage facility permit pursuant to s. 377.2407; or
2. Sent to the department from another governmental entity for use by the department in the performance of its duties. This subparagraph applies only if the information is otherwise confidential or exempt as held by the governmental entity.
(2) The department may disclose confidential and exempt proprietary business information:
(a) Pursuant to a court order;
(b) If the applicant to which it pertains gives prior written consent; or
(c) To another governmental entity if the receiving entity agrees in writing to maintain the confidential and exempt status of the information and has verified in writing its legal authority to maintain such confidentiality.
(3) This section is subject to the Open Government Sunset Review Act in accordance with s. 119.15 and shall stand repealed on October 2, 2018, unless reviewed and saved from repeal through reenactment by the Legislature.
History.s. 1, ch. 2013-206.