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2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 542.27
542.27 Enforcement authority.
(1) The Attorney General, or a state attorney with written permission from the Attorney General, acting jointly or independently, may commence and try all criminal prosecutions under this chapter. Criminal prosecutions under this chapter shall be commenced by indictment. With respect to commencement and trial of such prosecutions, the Attorney General or a state attorney shall have all the powers and duties vested by law with respect to criminal prosecutions generally. Incident to any investigation commenced under this chapter, the Attorney General may participate in and appear before a grand jury in assistance of any state attorney, irrespective of the provisions of chapter 905.
(2) The Attorney General is authorized to institute or intervene in civil proceedings seeking the full range of relief afforded by this chapter or by federal laws pertaining to antitrust or restraints of trade on behalf of the state, its departments, agencies, and units of government. In addition, the Attorney General, as chief state legal officer, may institute any action authorized under this chapter, federal laws pertaining to antitrust or restraints of trade, or similar laws of other states on behalf of natural persons in the state.
(3) Whenever the Attorney General, by her or his own inquiry or as a result of a complaint, suspects that a violation of this chapter or federal laws pertaining to restraints of trade is imminent, occurring, or has occurred, the Attorney General may investigate such suspected violation.
History.s. 1, ch. 80-28; s. 755, ch. 97-103.