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The Florida Senate

2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 220.11
220.11 Tax imposed.
(1) A tax measured by net income is hereby imposed on every taxpayer for each taxable year commencing on or after January 1, 1972, and for each taxable year which begins before and ends after January 1, 1972, for the privilege of conducting business, earning or receiving income in this state, or being a resident or citizen of this state. Such tax shall be in addition to all other occupation, excise, privilege, and property taxes imposed by this state or by any political subdivision thereof, including any municipality or other district, jurisdiction, or authority of this state.
1(2)(a) The tax imposed by this section shall be an amount equal to 51/2 percent of the taxpayer’s net income for the taxable year, except as provided in paragraph (b).
(b) The tax rate imposed in paragraph (a) shall be adjusted as provided in s. 220.1105.
(3) The tax imposed by this section, for taxpayers determining taxable income under s. 220.13(2)(k), shall be an amount equal to 3.3 percent of the taxpayer’s net income for the taxable year.
(4) In the case of a taxpayer to which s. 55 of the Internal Revenue Code is applied for the taxable year, the amount of tax determined under this section shall be the greater of the tax determined under subsection (2) without the application of s. 55 of the Internal Revenue Code or the tax determined under subsection (3).
History.s. 1, ch. 71-984; s. 21, ch. 84-549; s. 13, ch. 87-99; s. 17, ch. 88-119; s. 101, ch. 91-112; s. 5, ch. 2018-119.

A. Section 7, ch. 2018-119, provides that:

“(1) The Department of Revenue is authorized, and all conditions are deemed to be met, to adopt emergency rules pursuant to s. 120.54(4), Florida Statutes, for the purpose of implementing this act.

“(2) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, emergency rules adopted pursuant to subsection (1) are effective for 6 months after adoption and may be renewed during the pendency of procedures to adopt permanent rules addressing the subject of the emergency rules.

“(3) This section expires January 1, 2021.”

B. Section 8, ch. 2018-119, provides that “[t]his act shall take effect upon becoming a law and operate retroactively to January 1, 2018.”