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2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 373.563
373.563 Bonds.
(1) The governing board is hereby authorized and empowered to borrow money on permanent loans and incur obligations from time to time on such terms and at such rates of interest as it may deem proper, not exceeding 7.5 percent per annum, for the purpose of raising funds to prosecute to final completion the works and all expenses necessary or needful to be incurred in carrying out the purposes of this chapter; and the better to enable the said board to borrow the money to carry out the purposes aforesaid, the board is hereby authorized and empowered to issue in the corporate name of said board, negotiable coupon bonds of said district.
(2) The bonds to be issued by authority of this chapter shall be in such form as shall be prescribed by the said board, shall recite that they are issued under the authority of this chapter, and shall pledge the faith and credit of the governing board of the district for the prompt payment of the interest and principal thereof.
(3) Said bonds shall have all the qualities of negotiable paper under the Law Merchant, and shall not be invalid for any irregularity, or defect in the proceedings for the issue and sale thereof except forgery; and shall be incontestable in the hands of bona fide purchasers or holders thereof for value. The provisions of this chapter shall constitute an irrevocable contract between said board and the district and the holders of any bonds and the coupons thereof, issued pursuant to the provisions hereof. Any holder of any of said bonds or coupons may either at law or in equity by suit, action or mandamus enforce and compel the performance of the duties required by this chapter of any of the officers or persons mentioned in this chapter in relation to the said bonds, or to the collection, enforcement and application of the taxes for the payment thereof.
(4) The amount of bonds to be issued in any one year, when added to the amount then outstanding, shall be not greater than can be supported for that year in accordance with the bond schedule out of 90 percent of the taxes imposed, or to be imposed, for that year, plus other moneys in the hands of the district usable for bond purposes after deducting therefrom amounts estimated to be required for maintenance and operation of the works of the district, cost of administration, and amounts for such other purposes as the governing board may determine, nor shall the governing board levy in any year taxes insufficient to support said bonds for such year on the basis herein described.
(5) All bonds and coupons not paid at maturity shall bear interest at a rate not to exceed 7.5 percent per annum from maturity until paid, or until sufficient funds have been deposited at the place of payment.
(6) The bonds to be issued by authority of this chapter shall be in denominations of not less than $100, bearing interest from date at a rate not to exceed 5 percent per annum, payable semiannually, to mature at annual intervals within 40 years commencing after a period of not later than 10 years, to be determined by said board, both principal and interest payable at some convenient place designated by said board to be named in said bonds, which said bonds shall be signed by the chair of the board, attested with the seal of said district and by the signature of the secretary of said board. In case any of the officers whose signatures, countersignatures, and certificates appear upon the said bonds and coupons shall cease to be such officer before the delivery of such bonds to the purchaser, such signature or countersignature and certificate shall nevertheless be valid and sufficient for all purposes the same as if they had remained in office until the delivery of the bonds.
(7) Interest coupons shall be attached to the said bonds and the said coupons shall be consecutively numbered, specifying the number of the bond to which they are attached, and shall be attested by the lithographed or engraved facsimile signature of the chair and secretary of said board.
(8) In the discretion of said board, it may be provided that at any time, after such date as shall be fixed by the said board, said bonds may be redeemed before maturity at the option of said board, or its successors in office. If any bond so issued subject to redemption before maturity shall not be presented when called for redemption, it shall cease to bear interest from and after the date so fixed for redemption.
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Note.Former s. 378.35.