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2021 Florida Statutes (Including 2021B Session)

F.S. 110.121
110.121 Sick leave pool.Each department or agency of the state which has authority to adopt rules governing the accumulation and use of sick leave for employees and which maintains accurate and reliable records showing the amount of sick leave which has been accumulated and is unused by employees may, in accordance with guidelines which shall be established by the Department of Management Services, adopt rules for the establishment of a plan allowing participating employees to pool sick leave and allowing any sick leave thus pooled to be used by any participating employee who has used all of the sick leave that has been personally accrued by him or her. Although not limited to the following, such rules shall provide:
(1) That employees shall be eligible for participation in the sick leave pool after 1 year of employment with the state or agency of the state; provided that such employee has accrued a minimum amount of unused sick leave, which minimum shall be established by rule.
(2) That participation in the sick leave pool shall, at all times, be voluntary on the part of the employees.
(3) That any sick leave pooled shall be removed from the personally accumulated sick leave balance of the employee contributing such leave.
(4) That any sick leave in the pool which leave is used by a participating employee shall be used only for the employee’s personal illness, accident, or injury.
(5) That a participating employee shall not be eligible to use sick leave accumulated in the pool until all of his or her personally accrued sick, annual, and compensatory leave has been used.
(6) A maximum number of days of sick leave in the pool which any one employee may use.
(7) That a participating employee who uses sick leave from the pool shall not be required to recontribute such sick leave to the pool, except as otherwise provided in this section.
(8) That an employee who cancels his or her membership in the sick leave pool shall not be eligible to withdraw the days of sick leave contributed by that employee to the pool.
(9) That an employee who transfers from one position in state government to another position in state government may transfer from one pool to another if the eligibility criteria of the pools are comparable or the administrators of the pools have agreed on a formula for transfer of credits.
(10) That alleged abuse of the use of the sick leave pool shall be investigated, and, on a finding of wrongdoing, the employee shall repay all of the sick leave credits drawn from the sick leave pool and shall be subject to such other disciplinary action as is determined by the agency head.
(11) That sick leave credits may be drawn from the sick leave pool by a part-time employee on a pro rata basis.
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